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Kinderdance India  ensures that activities & learning that kids are exposed to at their age is relevant, developmentally  culturally specific & hands on.

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While creating different models, from Franchising to Company Managed Affiliates, Kinderdance India is focusing towards women entrepreneurship by seeking expansion through master franchisees

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We are looking at 10 franchisees by 2018

Be adaptive with achievable goals

We are looking at 10 franchisees by 2018

Looking for the best play school programs in Bangalore for your little one? Guess what? We have an array of pre-schools programs in our directory.

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Sign up the little one for some dance lessons post school, courtesy Kinderdance

Find more activities such as play dough and fine motor activities on the Fine Motor Skills on our curriculum page What to Keep in the Play Area for kids.


Sign up the little one for some dance lessons post school, courtesy Kinderdance

Kinderdance India has collection of all sensory play ideas and activities to do with kids and toddlers to promote learning and development in our programs.

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Learning while dancing is what this educational module is all about

Kinderdance India is one of the best preschool activity program in India. We are experts in providing early childhood education qualified teachers to your kid.

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Goldman Sachs' '10,000 Women' campaign, aimed at churning out a new wave of women entrepreneurs, is gaining traction

Kinderdance India is a preschool programs for Kids in India with programs available in Play school, Nursery, LKG, UKG, Kindergarten & Day care.

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Our rookie of the year has a passion for dance and a love for education.

You have the exclusive rights to use our copyrighted and trademark protected procedures, routines, marketing techniques, music & other proprietary information.

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Who says dance is only about moving your body to the beat of music ?