Preschool Curriculum programs & activities

Curriculum refers to the academic content taught in a school or college through the appropriately decided subjects and topics. A curriculum is very essential for the proper and correct function of the respective school or college.

Importance of a curriculum

A curriculum irrespective of the grade is very important. It helps set the course of action for the academic year and also serves as a progress check. It is against the curriculum that the kids are graded and this helps keep their learning process in check. Without a curriculum the schools wouldn’t have a proper way of functioning and kids of the same class may end up learning different topics and leave out the subjects that might prove to be essential for their all round development.

Preschool Curriculum

It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise, but even preschools follow a strict curriculum. This set curriculum helps track the student’s growth. But usually the curriculum for these schools is different. The topics taught during preschool focus on the basic skill sets the kid will require later on and are worked on in many innovative ways. This curriculum focuses on the development of the independent skills the kid will require in the future like learning the alphabets, number, how to balance a book and pencil, and everything that will play a vital role in their further studies. It is very important that the students learn these well in advance so that they can cope easily with the further, harder studies that await them in the older classes.

Kinderdance’s role in the preschool curriculum

A very good way to enhance the curriculum of your preschool is with the help of kinderdance. This is a program that takes your preschool’s curriculum and with that incorporates a number of fun and exciting activities like music, dance, gymnastics, fitness and body awareness. Our program focuses on the enhancement of the motor skills of the kids and also helps bring out their hidden talents through these fun and interactive activities. This program is designed also with fun after-school activities as this is very important for the kids. They need to move out of the classrooms and still continue to learn, kinderdance does this with utmost efficiency. It uses music and dance as a major part of the learning process. Kinderdance blends with the curriculum and stresses on the development of their motor skills, innate talents, cognitive ability and decision making process.

It aims at improving and making every kid the best version of themselves, keeping their individuality intact. This goes a long way in shaping their future and the abilities they develop through this process show unmatched results.

Other skills a curriculum should focus on

1. Early childhood Movement and Dance based curriculum

Kinderdance programs are all original worldwide dance, motor development, gymnastics, and fitness programs that combine academic readiness skills which are specifically designed for children ages 15 months to 12 years old. Our programs incorporate educational concepts in a developmentally designed curriculum that teaches to the total child. We place special emphasis on building “Self Confidence” and “Self-Esteem” in young children.

2. Writing skills

This includes all the skills the kid would require to be a fluent writer when he enters school. This includes holding and balancing a book and paper. If possible even a few spellings of 3 lettered words can be added to this.

3. Comprehending skills

This includes everything that will help the kid read properly without and stammering and stopping. This can help build the vocabulary of the student and helps further on with higher studies.

4. Arithmetic skills

Learning to differentiate between numbers and understanding the concept of math at an early stage is very important. This will build a strong base for their further studies.

5. Open minded approach

Not only study oriented topics should be a part of the syllabus, the students should learn the importance of extracurricular activities. Let it be anything that lets them use their imagination and be creative. Letting them be free with their imagination builds character and gives everyone a sense of individuality which shapes them into better people.

6. Craft work

This involves the use of color books and crayons. This helps increase the concentration of the students. Even origami can be a part of this as it helps improve their hand eye coordination and teaches them to follow directions.