The importance of Early Childhood Development

The emotional, social and physical development of children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will turn out to be. That is why understanding children is so important, in order to maximise their future well-being. Neurological research shows that the early years of a young child play a key role in children’s brain development. Babies learn about the world from a very early stage – including during the prenatal, perinatal (immediately before and after birth) and the postnatal period. The early experiences of every child– the bonds they form with their parents and their first learning experiences affect their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. It is of great importance to invest in a child right from the very beginning.

Kinderdance Programs role in Kids early development Cycle

Kinderdance® programs are designed to be an integral part of your preschooler. Many of their programs take place with other learning activities. Through activities like dance, play time, cognitive development activities and other fun filled learning sessions, your child can ensure a pleasant time at school through happy study and activity hours. Some of their major programs are-

About Kinderdance-

Kinderdance is a program which focuses on developing motor skills, muscles, physical activities, coordination, and fitness through dance. This program focuses on children aged 3-5 and is a 3 year program. The program also focuses on the basics of Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Creative Movements. .

Kinder (Dance with Me)® (15 - 24 Months)

This program focuses on the cute little tiny tots aged 15-24! It usually involves inculcating cute upbeat music for interactive song and dance sessions which are apt for them. It is a platform to develop the bond between the child and the caregiver through explorative movements and focuses on sensory movements of the child.

Kinder (Kids Yoga)®

This is a program which focuses on flexible body movements and is apt for the age group 3-12. Some of the benefits achieved are having a string and flexible body, increasing balance, mind- body awareness and coordination and much more. The Kids Yoga involves fun and playful Yoga practices apt for children.

Kindergym® ( ages 3-5)

This is a program focusing on children from age group 3-5 and involves activities like floor gymnastics, tumbling, acrobatics and much more. This focuses on building every child’s self esteem and independence and also involves a lot of music. Some of the props used are mats, low safe beams, gym balls and much more.

Kindertots® (age 2)

Kindertots specifically focus on 2 year olds! It involves a lot of physical activities and helps them to explore on various things. Using a 2 year old’s inquisitive nature, the program lets them explore and learn new elements of the world through movements.

Kindercombo® (ages 6 - 8)

This program focuses on the development of kids of the age group 6-8. It involves a combo of dance and other activities like Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance methods. The program gets advanced and surpasses from simple to complex levels depending on the child’s comfort zones.

Kindermotion® ( ages 3 -12)

This is a sporty activity and involves sports and physical activities for the age group 3-12. It focuses on skills, physical fitness, physical development and much more. Some of the aspects that are covered under these are motor skills, fitness, nutrition and many other important aspects.