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Positive Effect of Kinderdance Programs on Children’s Early Child Development

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Positive Effect of Kinderdance Programs on Children’s Early Child Development

Preschool programs are very fundamental in overall development of a child choosing the right preschool curriculum for their child is the biggest concern of every parent. Researches have found out that that early education of a child determines their personality, interests, relationship and interpersonal skills after they grow up. There are diverse programs available and this makes it all the more to decide which program should you be enrolling your child in.

Kinderdance has diverse developmental dance, motor skill, music and fitness programs for young boys and girls. The programs are for 3 years which includes the 3 levels. Each child is unique in their own way their brains function differently. Keeping in mind that the need of each child is different we have in total 6 programs to suit the need of each child. The curriculums at Kinderdance is specially designed by experts after extensive research and planning and these programs promote the creative and expressing abilities of a child through body movements while helping them to build strong muscles. This program includes the right mix of all educational concepts and helps in reinforcing self confidence and self-esteem among the children.

The extensive programs at Kinderdance teaches the basics of Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Creative Movement blending it with educational concepts for right growth and development of a child. In these enriching programs young children are made to dance to original familiar music that are child friendly. All the teachers at Kinderdance are certified instructors and teachers who have an experience in child development programs.

The programs at Kinderdance are famous all over the world. These curriculums are very carefully curated combining the academic readiness skills with dance and motor development programs. This is specially designed for children between the age of 15 months to 12 years. The key distinguishing point of Kinderdance programs that all they have included that all their programs include

educational concepts in a developmentally designed curriculum that helps in overall development and growth of a child.

We understand the importance of building Self Confidence and Self Esteem among young kids, and hence our programs have been designed in such a way that it boosts the confidence and esteem levels among pre-schoolers. This initial learning in turn determines the personality of the child after growing up to be an adult.

The method of learning that Kinderdance helps in improving the cognitive abilities of the child, and this plays a fundamental role in shaping the future of the kid. Tracking of individual child’s learning performance and growth is very convenient at Kinderdance due to low teacher student ratio. It is also possible to integrate the programs at Kinderdance with regular school curriculum and hence helps in boosting the interest level of kids in the subjects that are being taught in the classroom.

Kids better express what they are feeling through action than words and it’s a delight to watch a child expressing their feelings fearlessly through care free forms of movement. Music, dance and movement are natural tools for learning for a child. Many child psychologist and educators that are reputed and famous in the industry like Piaget and Montessori have actually agreed in the benefits of enrolling a child for developmental program in MOVEMENT and strongly recommend parents to include the same as a part of a child’s complete learning programs.

Kinderdance is the right program for young children and here they “learn how to learn” when they learn “how to dance and move!”