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Welcome to Kinderdance® India

About Us

Kinderdance® is the original worldwide dance, motor development, gymnastics, and fitness program that combines academic readiness skills which are specifically designed for children ages 2 to 12. What makes Kinderdance® unique is that all of our programs incorporate educational concepts in a developmentally designed curriculum that teaches to the total child. We place special emphasis on building self confidence and self-esteem in young children.

Learning Parachute India Private Ltd. (LPIPL) is the authorised sole master franchise owner and area developer for India. Kinderdance® was introduced to India in April 2009. Currently, Kinderdance® India has touched the lives of many young children between ages 2-8 years. Kinderdance has already touched the lives of many young children making a positive difference:

Kinderdance® India Programs

Kinderdance® India

Kinderdance® programs are designed to be an integral part of your preschooler's "school day" curriculum. Many of our programs take place where children's other learning occurs. This program helps your children progress seamlessly from one type of learning to another.

Kinder (Dance with Me)® (15 - 24 Months)

Its curriculum offers age appropriate exposure to developmental milestones through dance and sensory-motor activities while nurturing the bond between caregiver and child. Caregivers participate and learn to facilitate the natural exploration and progression of motor development through play, laying the groundwork for academic success as the child grows.

Kindertots® (age 2)

is designed to develop the total child through gross motor skills, movement creativity, physical development and body awareness while learning numbers, colors, shapes and songs.

Kinderdance® (ages 3-5)

is a developmental dance, motor development and fitness program taught on 3 levels, teaching the basics of Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Creative Movement while blending educational concepts.

Kindergym® ( ages 3-5)

is a developmental floor gymnastics program with emphasis on fun, social and gross motor development, physical fitness and movement education while learning numbers, colors, shapes and words.

Kindermotion® ( ages 3 -12)

is a developmentally designed education through motor skills, physical development, fitness, nutrition and imagery program which prepares students' minds and bodies for athletic and academic pursuits.

Kindercombo® (ages 6 - 8)

is a developmentally designed combination Ballet, Tap, Modern Dance, and Fitness program. This gives the young dance student a healthy and solid foundation upon which to build.

Science of Kinderdance®

Social and Emotional Development

Social and Emotional Development includes a child’s development of self – including self-awareness, self-regulation and his or her ability to interact and react with other people.

Communication Skills

Kinderdance helps children learn by watching others, and learn how to follow audible clues, such as clapping their hands to the beat of the music...

Cognitive Development

The stimulation children receive from dance combined with decision making exercises leave children with a mind ready to absorb information and learn new things.

Physical Development

Thirty minutes of moderate endurance-type physical exercise can help children develop basic motor skills, laying a foundation for an active childhood which can motivate them to participate in other activities for years to come.

Upgrade your School Curriculum with Kinderdance Science

What makes Kinderdance® unique?

Active Learning

Kinderdance promotes independence in our students and helps develop an individual interest which helps them to become more passionate about their desires.

Expert Teachers

Skillful teachers, forms the integral part of Kinderdance and helps the childrens to bloom through various program.

Strategic Location

Our presence through Franchising within Bangalore, Telangana State, Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, West Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Kolkata.

Full Day Programs

Kinderdance Programs serves as a catalyst to enhance the creative side of the young mind & body.

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